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BuyDetroit Pre-Rehabilitation Opportunity Sessions

The BuyDetroit Pre-Rehabilitation Opportunity Sessions (PROS) are for Detroit-based contractors interested in renovation, rehabilitation and redevelopment projects. If you’re looking for construction opportunities in Detroit, we’re looking for you!

On Thursday, April 8, DEGC & Liftbuild will host a PRO Session that will consist of one project totaling over $60 million dollars in investment!. To join you must register via the link provided below.

Participation Requirements

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Overview On Tuesday, November 24, 2020, the Detroit City Council passed the Medical Marijuana Facilities and Adult-Use Marijuana [...]

Michigan Chronicle Podcast: DEGC President and CEO, Kevin Johnson and DMB President, Pierre Batton on working together to rebuild Detroit’s small business community

Michigan Chronicle’s Digital Anchor Andre Ash sat down in mid-June with Kevin Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer [...]

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