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New City of Detroit Marijuana Ordinance Information


On Tuesday, November 24, 2020, the Detroit City Council passed the Medical Marijuana Facilities and Adult-Use Marijuana Establishments ordinance authorizing the Buildings, Safety Engineering, and Environmental Department (BSEED) to issue business licenses for co-location, and adult-use marijuana establishments including grower, processor, retailer, secure transporter, safety compliance facility, microbusiness, marijuana event organizer, temporary marijuana event, and designated consumption establishments.  This ordinance also requires that:

  • Detroit Legacy applicants will get a minimum of 50% of all newly created recreational marijuana business licenses for retailers, growers, processors, microbusinesses, designated consumption, and marijuana event organizers issued in Detroit.
  • There will be a six-week exclusive early licensing period for Detroit Legacy applicants.
  • Detroit Legacy will be able to purchase city-owned land at 25% of fair market value.
  • The City will work with philanthropy and private lenders to develop sources of funding and expertise to back Detroit-owned marijuana business start-ups.

Applicant Definitions

Detroit Legacy Certified Applicant:

The City of Detroit’s Civil Rights, Inclusion, and Opportunity (CRIO) department will begin certification of Detroit Legacy applicants on January 19, 2021.  To qualify as a Detroit Legacy applicant, individuals must currently reside in Detroit, and be able to document that they:

  • Lived in Detroit for 15 of the last 30 years, or
  • Lived in Detroit for 13 of the last 30 years and are low income, or
  • Lived in Detroit for 10 of the last 30 years and have a marijuana conviction or have a parent with a marijuana conviction.

General Applicant:

Any applicant not certified by (CRIO) as a Detroit Legacy applicant.

Types of Available Licenses

License TypeNumber of Licenses Available
Medical Marijuana Provisioning Center75
Adult-Use Retailer Establishment75
Secured TransporterUnlimited
Safety Compliance FacilityUnlimited
Designated Consumption Lounge35
Marijuana Event OrganizerUnlimited
Temporary Marijuana EventUnlimited

License Process

Detroit Legacy Applicant License Process (land): View Here

Detroit Legacy Applicant Provisional License Process (no land): View Here

General Applicant License Process: View Here

Application Periods

Applications for Detroit Legacy Certification open on January 19, 2021. Applications for recreational marijuana licenses will be reviewed over three periods: 

Detroit Legacy applicants:
Application period: April 1, 2021 – April 30, 2021
Application review begins May 1, 2021

General applicants with existing medical marijuana license:
Application period: April 1, 2021 – April 30, 2021
Application review begins June 16, 2021

General applicants without existing medical marijuana license:
Application period: April 1, 2021 – ongoing
Application review begins August 1, 2021

Detroit Legacy Applicant Benefits

  • 75% discount on city-owned land 
  • Up to 99% discount on license fees
  • Technical assistance for Detroit-owned marijuana business start-ups
  • Financial assistance for Detroit-owned marijuana business start-ups

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