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Closing Indoor Service at Detroit Bars – Executive Order

In an effort to control the increase of COVID-19 cases  Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has ordered that all licensed establishments that earn more than 70% of their gross receipts from alcohol sales to stop indoor service, as of 11 p.m. Wednesday, July 1st.

  • Food service establishments must close for indoor service if they earn more than 70% of their gross receipts from sales of alcoholic beverages.
  • Restaurants can remain open for indoor service. Alcohol can be served only to patrons who are seated at socially distanced tables.
  • Common areas where people stand and congregate within restaurants must be closed.
  • Restaurants and bars may remain open for outdoor seating, but only for seated customers at socially distanced tables.
  • For purposes of calculating percentage of gross receipts from sales of alcoholic beverages, food service establishments must use:
    1. Gross receipts from 2019; or
    2. If the establishment was not in operation in 2019, gross receipts from the date the establishment opened in 2020.

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