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Statement on Racial Discrimination and Social Justice

The spirit of Detroit is to promote and fight for the rights of its citizens. This spirit resides in our hearts and therefore we cannot afford to leave anyone in the margins.

Detroit and the region are aligned to leverage opportunities and confront challenges on all levels. Now, we find ourselves in a battle on several fronts – for our economy, for justice and our lives.

As we collaboratively work for solutions for all Detroiters, we are acutely aware of our moral and ethical responsibilities.

Detroit Means Business condemns social injustice, racial discrimination and hate crimes in all forms. Marginalization, social exclusion and economic disparities that advance racist practices and generate a cycle of poverty must be stopped. The work of DMB team can help raise the tide to drown out bigotry, prejudice and ignorance. We do that by increasing economic and quality educational opportunities for minorities. This is an important step toward creating equal access to wealth and basic privileges afforded to those who work hard. Detroiters deserve access to decision making and influence over how resources are allocated. Providing a path to business ownership, neighborhood stability, inclusive employment and upward mobility is the focus of our work. We are committed to human decency, respect for all, and an economy that invites participation at all levels.

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